Joann Hagerty Humphrey

Ceramic Vessels

The Imagined Seascape - New works in clay

The act of observation can inspire quiet contemplation or trigger an external response to that which is under study. It can be a space for meditation, a space for stillness, a space of inquiry, or a time and space for consideration of the objects and systems that comprise our physical environment. These new works in clay are reflective of a continuous shift in my relationship to nature. The organic and detailed forms evince a nuanced, private and thorough examination of the natural elements from both the land and seascapes of the North Coast. The evolutionary history of our physical world is evidenced by the minutia of the tide pools of our beaches to the soil of the redwood forest floors. The translation of the micro-histories of natural objects within my environment are expressed through clay and found objects, each one mapping out organic systems through a deeply personal and idiosyncratic lens.