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A pair of White Rhinos commiserating on the fate of the species? Or just embarrassed to have lost their horns to prevent poachers from exacting a stiffer price. Gordon creates such empathy in the eyes of her creatures, it evokes compassion in all of us. each piece in this striking pair was hand-carved, fired in the Raku kiln at the Mendocino Art Center, coated in beeswax, and mounted on a redwood slab.

Kristin uses her background in scientific illustration and natural history in her clay sculptures. Along with this, it is her love of animals and the space and time to explore and create without instruction or influence which she believes is critical to evolving into one's own creative self. As a naturalist, a conservationist and an environmentalist, her passions are intertwined in her life and work. Her great hope is that her art stirs an emotion in people that inspires them to do what they can - to save the whales, be mindful of the path they tread on this earth, and to responsibly steward the resources that we all share.

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