Gorek - Savage Grace - Oil on Canvas - 50x45 in - 2021

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This 2021 Elizabeth Gorek oil on canvas original painting is stunning. Savage Grace is a study of the female form, as she describes it: "absent the male gaze" ... without objectification. The layers of paint create ebb and flow between form and fluidity, just as the water laps at the figure's calves. Textural depth is also present in the form of sgraffito. Gorek has scraped into the painting itself the title, repeating, and her signature. This is an exceptional piece.

Elizabeth Gorek has been living in Northern California since 1996 having grown up in Hong Kong and Canada. She comes from a family of artists and considers herself a life-long student of fine art. Gorek loves how light touches darkness. She is drawn to the unguarded moment, stripped of artifice, a caught thought trapped in the body that betrays an inner life. Gorek’s paintings range from colorful abstracts to representational figurative work and are largely oil on wood panels or oil on canvas mounted to wood panels.

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