Melan Allen - Donettes 24x36 Oil on Canvas

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"Donettes" is a 24x36 inch original oil painting on stretched canvas. This piece is part of our January 2023 exhibit: Food...GLORIOUS FOOD!

Melan Allen is a visual artist living and working in Oakland, California. Mostly self-trained, her work explores the relationship between capitalism, consumption, and joy. Defiantly playful, tactically exaggerated, and absolutely not to be missed (sound on), her social media presence complements and elevates her studio work. Melan’s philosophy is “We eat with our eyes” and that applies to art too. Her paintings are celebrations of food and color: vivid, playful, and joyous. The subjects are honest and imperfect, with crumbs and smears and bites. Her work evokes pages from your grandma’s-stained cookbooks or a deep-down food memory, with a style that merges old-school cool and modern still lives.

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