Past Exhibits

Toby Hill sitting in front of his artwork

Toby Hill


“Unveilings” by Toby Hill probes expressions through abstract portraits, figures and personas highlighting humanity’s essential mode of communication - the mouth. After more than a year of social distortion and concealment, Toby unveils the mouth and explores its relation to the human face. His paintings and drawings resonate his influence of the black and white line drawing with a sense of immediacy, rawness and whimsy. This theme of unveiling aligns with the launch of Lansing Street Gallery.

Larry Keenan


Larry Keenan was an internationally noted San Francisco Bay Area photographer. He photographed the final days of the Beat Generation. A selection of his "Beat Era" work is in the permanent collection of the Archives of American Artists in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. The prints in this collection have been uncirculated since his death in 2012. They are offered here, in an exclusive showing with Lansing Street Gallery, by his daughter, Chelsea Keenan.