November 26th is not Black Friday.

Monday is not Cyber-Monday. 

And the next 30 days do not represent a shopping frenzy. 

If there is anything we have learned in the last two years it is that moments with the people we cherish are precious. As you consider how to demonstrate to the people in your life how important they are to you…be intentional…be thoughtful… be deliberate. 

Think small – meaningful words and deeds.  Meet a friend for tea. Take a walk at the headlands. Volunteer. Make cookies together. Donate. Enjoy a glass of wine from a local Anderson Valley winery.

Shop locally – choose local, whenever possible – and it is almost always possible.  Support the artists and makers in your communities and in your lives. Support local restaurants.  Engage with local farmers and producers.

Give sustainably – when you choose to give a gift (whether home made or purchased from a maker or local supplier) choose sustainable items and packaging whenever possible.  Choose fabric wrapping over paper.  Choose corrugated, recycled packaging over bubble wrap.  All the retailers and galleries have both and we can always accommodate your preferences.

Here are a few of the local artists and craft persons featured at Lansing Street Gallery:

Craig Hathaway was born and raised on the coast and knows every stretch of forest and ocean, allowing him to sustainably source his redwood slabs and root systems to create gorgeous tables, benches and mantels.

Ellen Athens has lived in Little River since the lure of the forests and ocean drew her to Mendocino in the 70s.  As a maker of beautiful jewelry and fiber arts, she is dedicated to art and design that is touched, worn, valued and appreciated as it becomes part of the wearer’s daily life expression.

Jon Klein is an exceptionally talented local photographer based in Fort Bragg who has raised worship of the coastal landscape and its flora and fauna to its highest art form.

Kristin Coddington-Gordon is a local sculptor working with clay to create exceptionally expressive creatures who convey their stories without words.  As a naturalist, a conservationist, and an environmentalist, her passions are intertwined in her life and work.

Ginger Rodgers has lived on the Mendocino coast since 2006.  Her work is upcycled in all ways – from her base materials to her final products – and results in unique original acrylic abstract paintings designed to let the observer chart their own experience based on flow and movement of the medium. 

We hope you will stop by the gallery or check out these artists and their art on LSG’s online gallery. It’s evolving, so stay in the loop as we onboard new talent.

Most importantly, share your love and joy ubiquitously as you head into the holiday season.

Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season and a joyous new year.

Photo Credit: Mendo Village + Nik_Z Photo


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