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We are delighted to offer artist approved giclee prints of a limited number of Andrew Walker Patterson's original plein air oil paintings. The 12x16 inch image is an archival print on velvet cotton rag paper, matted with an antique white 2-inch border resulting in a 16x20 final dimension ready for your frame.

Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, detailing the date of creation of the original painting and the date of the production of the giclee printing.

Andrew Walker Patterson strives to capture a place in the world. A place is many things, and it is always changing. His perception of that place is constantly shifting, too. He represents a place’s appearance; but he also captures its sense, its feel, and its underlying social structures. A place is not a distant landscape for aesthetic consideration only. It has a presence, and he is embedded in it. Andrew represents this by evoking its physicality and the way that it surrounds him. Lansing Street Gallery’s collection of Patterson’s plein air paintings focus on the Mendocino Coast and the historic buildings of the Village of Mendocino.

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