Doten/Hathaway Coffee Table- Old Growth Lace 51Lx22Wx23H

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This old-growth lace wood redwood coffee table is a remarkable example of the terroir of Mendocino. It is of this place. Very light touch finish includes black walnut oil. The legs are cast iron.

This is a collaboration piece between our two gallery woodworkers - Craig Hathaway and Michael Doten.

Michael takes pride in producing hand-crafted fine furniture; beautiful, practical daily use items; and the occasional whimsical art piece. He is also a talented hand- build potter and incorporates all of his artistic interests into his work. Born and raised in southern California, Michael spent his childhood and early teen-years scuba diving off sunset cliffs, free diving for abalone, and apprenticing to local woodworkers and craftsmen. He now splits his time between Mendocino and the East Bay.

By constantly scouring the beaches that dot the Mendocino coastline, Craig Hathaway is able to retrieve the best of the burls that have washed up after each winter storm. He also sources sustainable, up-cycled redwood slabs. Using his unique eye and special touch, along with the latest in tools and technology, Craig has created unique, high-quality furniture since 1984. While his work has been shipped all over the world, Craig feels fortunate to be a part of the artists' community on the Mendocino Coast

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